Hey Spiro!

4:50 PM at The Bandroom

Beginning their journey together in the October of 2021, Hey Spiro! (pronounced spee-roh) were formed.

The band consists of Lucien – bringing you a whirlwind of pristine vocal melodies which are complemented by his jangly guitar licks, Olly – with his delectable bass lines, and Jacko – grooving on the drums as the backbone of the group.

Currently in the midst of developing their craft for their magnetising sets and playing in local venues around the Melbourne area, the band is also on the verge of releasing their debut songs.

From their euphonious psychedelic characteristics to their 60s surf-like and experimental colours, Hey Spiro!’s unique and diverse range of sounds are bound to blow you away.

Hey Spiro! will leave you melting where you stand at The Bandroom from 4:50 PM!

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